Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Socks are Dirty!

Last week John Parker had his first t-ball practice! Oh my goodness, I don't think I have ever seen something so stinking cute! He was super excited about going to the baseball field. Daddy took him to Dick's and bought him every supply possible for t-ball-helmet, bat, glove, balls, cleats, and baseball pants. When we got to practice the coach taught them a few basics like where the bases were, how to "get in front of the ball" and catch it, and how to hit. I think the majority of the kids kicked dirt around more than they paid attention. John Parker kicked lots of dirt and sat in the dugout. He would not get out of the dugout. I think he was worried someone was going to take his bat. ha! He was absolutely filthy with that orange dirt all over the place. I guess that's part of it! We haven't had any more practices because it won't stop raining! Our first game is the 3rd week in May. I can't wait! Watch the videos to hear about his dirty socks! ha!


The Reeds said...

He is SO CUTE!! I love the videos! You will love having this in 10+ years when he's playing high school or college ball:)

Bowman said...

Awww! My little JP the AllStar! So adorable.