Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 Years Old!

Well I'm not going to attempt to explain why I haven't updated this blog in the last two months. Life has just been busy!

A few weeks ago we celebrated John Parker's 4th birthday! We had his party at our church. They have an indoor playground just like McDonalds! We wanted to make his party simple because we were taking him to Disney World for his birthday! Of course I always get carried away with his birthday party. This year I tried to be a little "crafty". Those who know me(and if you don't you should if you're reading this :) ) anyways, those who know me know I struggle in the area of creativity and entertaining for that matter. But I was pretty pleased with how his party turned out. I worked hard on a few of the decorations and pulled all the ideas from the internet. It was so much fun decorating!

What was most important is that John Parker had a blast! He had so much fun with his new friends in Huntsville! And he got way too many gifts of course! I just love seeing my child's eyes light up when it's his birthday! It's crazy how big he is! He just talks like a little grown up and he tells me everyday "Mommy I'm getting to be a big kid!" Oh just breaks my heart! I wish I could freeze time and just keep him this age forever! Such a sweet boy!