Friday, December 19, 2008

Breaking News from HBC Daycare!

JPW went teetee in the Potty!!!! Yay!!! Just had to post the great news! We'll see how well he does at home!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lighting Up Our World!

We've had a very busy day Saturday, starting with a cookie party, santa visit to the nicu and ending with driving around looking at christmas lights. I'll post on the other events later but I had to post our Christmas light tour first. There is a house in Eastern Forest that is AMAZING! The family has there lights sychronized to music on a radio station. The traffic in this neighborhood was crazy. We sat at this one house for an hour. The family does this to raise money for the Montgomery Family Sunshine Center for abused spouse, children and seniors. They have a donation box out in front of their house and all proceeds go to the Sunshine Center. Pretty neat concept. Below are a few videos and pics. I have another video I'm hoping to get posted of us dying laughing at Cooper. I'm having problems but hopefully I can get it up soon!

Oh and we also went to Sturbridge. Below is a picture of a house on Chadburn. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Any blow up Santa you've ever dreamed of is in this man's front yard. I'm not quite sure how the Homeowners Assoc. has allowed this but I'm glad they do because we drive by quite often for entertainment for JPW.

Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

The Christmas season is here! We bought our Christmas Tree a week and a half ago. We always make it a family afair to the Home Depot. JPW picks the tree out. The first one he looked at this year we bought. The sad part is that our tree sat for a week undecorated because we didn't have time to decorate it. Then the day came for decorating the tree. Here's what I had in mind Christmas music playing, JPW, G and me hanging ornaments perfectly on the tree and placing all the decorations so lovely around the house, you know exactly what you see on TV.

Here's what we had some Christmas music playing, JPW screaming and breaking ornaments, and G and me placing the lights on the tree backwards-meaning when we got to the bottom we didn't have a plug to plug in. So taking all the lights back down and re-lacing them through the tree. Oh and you want to know about the lovely wreaths outside, G went and grabbed us some dinner and came back in-I asked him how the wreaths looked from the street, he said well one wreath has slide down the window. Lovely! Did anyone elses Christmas decorating go like this? I keep reading everyone's blogs about these picture perfect decorating tree memories. And seeing those cute pictures of children hanging ornaments on the tree.
Well, the thing about it is this is our picture perfect Christmas decorating memories. Even though at times I thought we were going to lose our minds. I quickly remembered, how blessed we are to have a two year old to celebrate Christmas with. I even told G at one point-at least we have him to decorate with(as JPW was screaming bloody murder) So I switched our Christmas music to the Christian station and turned it up loud! It always helps me stay positive. The other thing is we were so focused on the tree and that really isn't what this is all about. When I pulled out the nativity scene, I looked and said this is what it is all about. I pulled each piece out and said to JPW each person's name "BABY JESUS" "MARY" "JOSEPH" He tried to repeat them and it was precious!
So to wrap up our Christmas decorating-chaotic but perfect-I'm so grateful to have an amazing husband and son to Celebrate this Christmas with! Even more I'm so thankful for Baby Jesus' birthday! Below are a few pictures. I don't have a picture of the finished product. You'll have to come visit to see it! Below are a few pics some from last year, look how much he's grown!

Going to get his tree with Daddy-LAST YEAR
Going to get his tree with Daddy-THIS YEAR

Picking out his tree-LAST YEAR
Picking out his treet-THIS YEAR

Handsome little man!
G is excited about the lights

JPW playing with lights(yes he's standing in a chair)