Friday, July 3, 2009

God is Faithful!

So I've been keeping a little secret...I'M PREGNANT! The other part to this secret is that we've been "trying" for 7 months. Oh and how long these 7 months have been! With JPW it took a year so I knew it wouldn't come easy again. I didn't tell but a close friend about us trying only because it's so stressful and I didn't want to be asked about it. Last month I was at my breaking point(not really but close) but I was just frustrated. I finally decided to let it go. I did tell myself if it didn't work out this month I was going in to see Dr. P to pray with me. Last time we were trying I went in his office and he reminded me it was in God's timing and then he prayed with me. I could do a whole post on my dr and how amazing he is but I'll save that for another day. So I did the ovulation kits and counted my days etc. This month G went to California for a week which happened to be my ovulation week. I just told myself it wouldn't be this month either. I have prayed, prayed and prayed more. Well God is faithful and blessed us with another baby! Waiting is so, so hard!When we were going through all of this "trying" I just knew the Lord just wanted us to have JPW. I guess I was wrong! I just can't imagine the stress on people who try for years. If you are one of those people "trying" I would love to pray for you. I really want to be there for people struggling with this.

So I took a test on Saturday. I was only a few days late which isn't unusual for my wacky cycle. I couldn't believe what I saw "PREGNANT". I thought No Way! I called my friend b/c I had to tell someone. I know you're thinking how could you tell a friend before G? Well G was playing golf so I had to come up with a plan to announce it to him and I didn't want to do it over the phone. My sister and I were running errands and I knew I had to get to Storkland somehow. I told her "I need to stop by Storkland to get something for a FP baby" she was like "Kim we were just at Target" She wouldn't let it go so I had to tell her that I needed to go in and buy a Big Brother t-shirt. Really wasn't the way I wanted to tell her. Oh well!

So we got JPW a Big Brother shirt and I got a cookie cake to announce it to G. He came in from golf and JPW was sitting next to the cake in his shirt. G was so excited! I really don't think he was expecting it. JPW also said "I'm a big bruder" It was so precious! So here's the pictures from the big announcement below. Please pray for us. It's completely different going through this-this time after all we went through with JPW. We know that whatever happens is God's will and we want nothing more than to bring Him glory. Baby #2 will arrive around February 28th!

"For the Lord is a faithful God" Isaiah 30:18

Waiting on Daddy-He wanted to touch it so bad!

Proud Daddy and Big Brother

The soon-to-be family of four!

The Best Big Brother ever!