Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Never Want to Forget

Well I've tried to keep this blog pretty private or as private as a public blog can be. But the Lord has been at work on me and I can't keep it "private" We are less than a week from moving from Huntsville back to Montgomery. Am I excited? Yes. Am I sad? Yes. And everything in between. I'm waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me its all a dream. Before we get back to Montgomery I wanted to write down a few things I never want to forget from this moving experience. The Lord had to pull me from home and put me in Huntsville to teach me some hard lessons. He has completely opened doors to us back home and every single detail has fallen exactly into place for us to move including we already sold our house here in a week and a half! We are going home but we are coming back changed. I pray my experience here will allow us to go home and reach out to those in Montgomery who are in the same place I was when I arrived here!

I Never Want to Forget...

  • What it was like to come to Huntsville not knowing anyone.

  • What it was like to complete paperwork for John Parker's school and when asked for a name and number of an emergency contact I had to leave it blank because I didn't know anyone

  • What it was like to go from a calendar full of things to do to a calendar completely empty. Made me realize how too busy I was back home.

  • What it was like to have a newborn, post partum and new town all within a few month of each other

  • What it was like to put on a mask that "everything is wonderful" for my family back home when I was a complete disaster.

  • What it was like to have strangers from church show up at my door each night with meals after Jake was about humbling. Never before our move would I have ever made a meal for someone I didn't know.

  • What it was like to have neighbors drop off goodies to welcome us to the neighborhood.

  • What it was like to take walks around the neighborhood with John Parker and make tons of friends because he talked to everyone

  • What it was like to make one sweet friend Holly who literally pulled me out of my house and made me join her at biblestudy and become involved. She even got me in a cooking club now you know that's definitely out of my comfort zone.

  • What it was like to take hours to locate a post office and car wash.

  • What it was like to learn I could make a friend in the grocery store.

  • What it was like to take John Parker to his first birthday party here and not even know who the birthday boy was.

  • What it was like when the highlight of my day was to pick up John Parker from school because I was able to talk to people, they didn't know they were my only friends.

  • What it was like to hire a babysitter. Amy you will never know how much your friendship and trust meant to us!

  • What it was like to sit on my stairs and cry and pray for hours "Lord please get us home!"

  • What it was like to have a baby who screamed every day for for four months 23 1/2 hours a day.

  • What it was like to have a pediatrician who wanted to help Jake as much as I did.

  • What it was like to be the "visitor" at a church

  • What it was like to not have family at John Parker's 1st t-ball game, soccer game and school programs. My family would have been there if they could weekday events didn't make it easy for them to attend.

  • What it was like to leave my children with strangers in a church nursery.

  • What it was like to miss birthday parties of our friend's children back home but their sweet invitations meant the world to us!

  • What it was like to be so selfish for months and not allow the Lord to use me where he placed me

  • What it was like to have my prayers slowly change from "Lord please get us home" to "Lord thank you for our home!"

  • What it was like to go eat lunch with strangers and feel so comfortable.

  • What it was like to realize the Lord had to put me here because I was too comfortable in Montgomery

  • What it was like to finally let the Lord take me and use me

  • What it was like to let my guard down and form friendships

  • What it was like to see all the special friendships the Lord placed in our life-I wish I could list every single one of them but the list is too long!

  • What it was like to have neighbors who literally became family-The Davidsons and The Clarks are truly the best neighbors ever!

  • What it was like to have a husband who stood next to me in all of my selfishness, uglyness, and bitterness. A husband who has been an amazing provider, father and best friend!

  • What it was like to serve a Lord that never left me nor forsaked me. When I was all alone He was the only here with me all the time.

Huntsville we will miss you! We will miss all of our sweet friends who have become our family! We will never forget lessons learned and family formed in this great town!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6