Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Officially Outnumbered

Last Thursday I ran by the doctors office to pick up my pregnancy kit they give you at your first appt. I left mine when I went to see Dr. P a few weeks ago. I decided I probably needed it since they give you a list of meds you can take and I can't remember any of those from when I was pregnant with JPW. So I called my wonderful friend at the doctor office and she got my kit for me and I ran by to pick it up. I didn't even park in a parking spot. I went in and we chatted. Then she said you want to peek at it(baby)? My friend is an ultrasound tech. I was like of course I want to see the baby! She said I think it may be a little early to see if its a boy or a girl. She then scanned the baby's bottom and there is was.... a WEE WEE! My first thought was.....Oh no G isn't with me! But there wasn't anything I could do. I saw "it" before she even said anything.

So I'm officially outnumbered in the W household. Everyone is male including the dogs! I'll go back for another check on Sept. 11th just to make sure that wee wee has disappeared. ha! I was only 12 weeks last week so was extremely early to find out. We'll probably hold out on buying anything till our next visit.

I immediately called G when I left and he headed to my office. I didn't have alot of time to prepare anything to tell him. So I printed a note off the computer that said "it's a boy!" G was super excited! I know he'll enjoy having another golf buddy around! And of course I'm just as excited! There's nothing like mommy's little boys!

Next step.... names! If you remember with JPW it was a HUGE ordeal deciding on a name G and I both liked. Then we named him and later realized it was the same name as some loser quarterback. Oh well! So do you have any name suggestions?? If so, post a comment.

Proud Daddy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

JPW Unplugged

Sorry I just realized I haven't posted in over a month! I've been a little preoccupied with life, getting rest, and trying to feel good :-) JPW has really shown an interest in guitars and drums lately. It could be something all kids go through I don't know. I'm thinking little man maybe a musician! We're looking into getting him some guitar or drum lessons. I'm pulling for the guitar-b/c of less noise :-) Below are a few clips of JPW playing the guitar. We've created a monster he gets really mad when the guitar has to go "night-night" He is using the ear of his Mr. Potato Head as his pic. We didn't even show him that-he went running around the house looking for "my pic, my pic". Kelli, your Mr. Potato Head is being put to good use. Ha!

No More Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed