Friday, January 23, 2009

School Days!

Well after all the daycare drama we've been through over the past 2 years, we're finally happy! JPW is going to daycare with me at work for $35 a week! It has been wonderful! He has been here since November and seems to like it alot. He likes it even more now that "Poopers" has now started too. The easiest transition for Cooper was to ride to school with Aunt K and JPW. Robyn has been worrying about Cooper adjusting and everyday I've been telling her once we start driving to school Cooper gets so happy and sings and talks. I'm not so sure she believed me so I snapped this picture this week on the way to school. Yes I'm driving and taking pictures. See the trees in the background? ha! I couldn't resist taking this one. It was not staged! I turned around and saw them holding hands and quickly grabbed my camera. Isn't it the sweetest picture ever! I have to say I'm very blessed to have JPW and a wonderful nephew Cooper! They both bring so much joy into our lives! I couldn't imagine life without either one of these two boys! The Lord definitely knew what he was doing when he blessed my sister and I with children. I enjoy every single moment on the way to school everyday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was a special one indeed! Mommy and Daddy worked really hard at making sure Santa brought all the right gifts to JPW this year. We were so excited about Christmas morning and seeing JPW tear into his presents. Christmas Eve night we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Which by the way, is my favorite thing to do Christmas Eve. It was a nice service and they even had a children's moment which I took JPW down front to until he started leaping towards the Lord's supper table to get a snack. I quickly took him back to our seat. He did do very well in the service other than that. Oh and the "no mommy" comments as we were singing were pretty special too. ha!

After the Christmas Eve service we went back to G's parent's to do Christmas. JPW was pretty interested in his gifts there. Mawmaw got him a dirt devil broom and mop that he was crazy over. He also got Elmo, music set from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jon, Wiggles CD, and PJs. Then we headed home to get in bed before Santa came.

Christmas morning JPW came in our bedroom riding his Auburn tricycle Santa bought. I say he was riding it, rather he was stradling it. His feet don't quite reach the peddles. We jumped up quick got the video camera and camera ready to catch the magical moment. Only to find JPW really wasn't interested at all. He just wanted to watch TV and eat fruit loops. G and I started opening our gifts to help encourage him and it didn't work. The pictures below appear that he's opening gifts but they were staged. ha!

After our Christmas we headed to Aunt Robyn's to open presents with them and Mimi. Mimi made french toast and it was yummy. The boys were so excited about their ball pits they gave each other. JPW loves going to "Poopers" so of course it was his favorite part of the day.

Up next, Bdiddy and Aunt Pam's at the Lake. Can you say we're a little busy on Christmas? We had a big spread for lunch at the Lake. It was so good! JPW went down for a nap and so did Mommy on the couch. Then the stomach virus hit JPW. I went to get him up from nap and we went to the bathroom to "tee tee" and boom he vomited. I guess it was the perfect place for him to lose his lunch. He didn't feel well for a little while and had an upset tummy too but Sat. morning he was back to usual.

After Bdiddy and Aunt Pam's we headed back to Glenn's parents for a short visit since JPW was still a little under the weather.

JPW was successful in spreading the stomach virus to Mommy, Daddy, Bdiddy, MawMaw, cousin-Hunter, and Aunt Robyn. It was some bad, bad stuff. I think it took us older people a lot longer to recover than it did him.

So our Christmas was wonderful even though JPW wasn't into the presents. I was thinking maybe next year I'll scale back some then he'll learn not to expect so much. Ya know? Christmas really is about giving more than receiving. And I don't mean giving gifts. Just being with our family, remembering about the birth of our Savior, and helping others was the greatest gift to me this Christmas. Since having JPW I have been given a whole new perspective on the Christmas story. Anyone else had a child recently and been a little more teary eyed over the Christmas story this year? I am so thankful for Christmas and the special times we have with our family. I hope you each had a very Merry Christmas too!

JPW Christmas Eve playin his drum!

JPW and Daddy "opening" a gift(yeah right)

Another staged photo :-)


This is what JPW wanted to do while Mommy and Daddy opened his presents

Enjoying his fruit loops!

We told him to open his presents not ride his presents!

If you have a two year old definitely invest in Little People Car Track Set

Stocking Time


His favorite toy-his vacuum cleaner!

"All done"

Opening gifts with "Poopers"

Opening gifts with Aunt Robyn

Playing with Cooper's Elmo Phone

His 2nd favorite gift-Thomas the Train
He took this vacuum everywhere Christmas Day!

Playin in the ball pit!

My sweet boy!