Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I just realized it's been a month since I've updated the ole blog here. We've been super busy with JPW, Footprints events, and the day to day hustle. I'm going to try to catch you up with us in a few posts. Since it snowed almost a month ago I will start with that first.

We woke up Sunday morning and it was snowing! I mean snowing! Not just the normal Montgomery Snow/Rain mix. It was beautiful! The whole family was outside by 6:30am! JPW is really getting interested in rain so he was sooo excited to see snow. He kept saying "it snoooowing" Of course Cousin Cooper came over to play with us! Those boys are the bestest buddies! Daddy showed JPW how to make snow balls! And we made a homemade sled. I knew those Huggies boxes would come in handy. ha! That picture was actually in the Montgomery Independant too. It was JPW 1st appearance in the Independant. Mommy was so proud!

We really enjoyed the snow! After a good time outside we headed in to get ready for church. It continued to come down while we were there. JPW's Sunday School class got to play in it at church. Which by the way, I left his jacket at home. How could a mommy forget her son's jacket when it's snowing. ha! Only me!
I am glad I don't live up North. The snow was pretty for awhile but I definitely wouldn't want to have it everyday!
Hope your family had fun in the snow too! Now it's time for Spring! My favorite time of the year!