Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousins Wedding!

A few weeks ago my cousin Lindsey got married! A little background info. my best friend Beth and I set Lindsey and Aaron up on a blind date at the La Fete ball a few years ago. We joked about how we would one day be related! Aaron and Lindsey are so cute! John Parker was the ring bearer along with his cousin Cooper and Beth's son Tanner. We weren't real sure how they would do but they did perfectly! When they got down the aisle we gave them airplanes! They were a hit!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! It was at a plantation house in Opelika. Everything was just perfect! Lindsey made a gorgeous bride! We had the best time! One of my favorite surprises of the weekend was instead of favors for the wedding guests, Lindsey and Aaron made a donation to the Footprints Ministry! That was so special to me!

The reception was a blast! Our favorite band Az-izz played! John Parker had so much fun! He loved the band! He danced and danced! You know something crazy always has to happen to us...towards the end of the reception I was carrying John Parker down the stairs of the house and missed the last two steps! I fell and turned both ankles. John Parker didn't have a scratch thank goodness! I probably could have made a trip to the ER but wasn't going to miss one thing at this wedding so I toughed it out! The next morning I couldn't walk! Off to Primed in Montgomery and later an orthopedic in Huntsville. Now physical therapy for two sprained ankles. Seriously they still hurt and its been 3 weeks. I thought sprained ankles were something you just ace bandaged and got better in a week. No, I think it's worse than a break!

Anyways, all in all the wedding weekend could not have gone and more perfectly! We were so honored to be a part of such a special day! Congratulations Lindsey and Aaron!

Walking Down the Aisle

During the Ceremony

JP Dancin

Bridesmaids Luncheon

Cousins at Bridesmaids Luncheon

Rehearsal Dinner

The Boys!

Cousins the Night before Lindsey's big day!

My Favorite Surprise!

Getting Ready!

Such a pretty bride!

Love Her!

Balloons provided lots of entertainment!

Aren't the just precious!

JP with the band! ha!

Breakin it down!

Shake it!

One of the funniest things I've ever seen-My momma on stage! Learning how to get low!

Me and Beth!

Cousins +New Cousin Aaron!

Ellen and me!

The guys!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Parker's 1st Dentist Visit

This month has been filled with lots of firsts for John Parker! Firsts don't come by very often once they get past the baby stage so I enjoy every single moment. John Parker recently went to the dentist for the first time. He really should have gone sooner than now but moving to a new town the dentist was not top priority. I was super impressed with John Parker's dentist. They have an indoor playground(like McDonalds), video games for the older kids and every kid gets a prize when they leave. John Parker was more concerned with the prize than anything of course. He did pretty good. He did not want the hygienist to use the electrical brush to clean his teeth so this time she used a regular tooth brush. She had so much patience with him. I guess when you're in pediatric dentistry you have to have lots of patience. She said next visit we would try a little more. The dentist checked for cavities and he didn't have any. Thank goodness! I hope he gets his daddy's teeth because Mommy's are horrible (lots of cavities). John Parker picked a camera as his prize. He loves to take pictures, he gets it honestly. You'll see a picture below he took of the hygienist with my camera. I bet she didn't know I would be blogging about it. Ha! She was super sweet! John Parker did great at his 1st visit to the dentist!

Listening to the hygienist-not sure what to think

John Parker took this picture! ha!
The prize wall-pointing to his camera

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quack Quack!

One thing about this town is there are a ton of things for kids to do! We've had so much fun finding new things to do with John Parker. We recently took him downtown to the duck pond. They have a huge park with several ponds full of ducks and fish. The ducks know they will be fed there so they are very friendly and will come right up to you. We took John Parker's tricycle out there and we rode around too. He had a blast. But he was really upset when he ran out bread. He said "mommy, but the ducks are hungry!" Next time I'll take two loafs of bread! Ha!

Look at all those fish!
Riding his tricycle with his bread in his hand

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tremendous Treehouses!

Once again a few weeks slipped by with no updates on the blog. I had a slight injury(more on that later) that caused me to slow down some and the bloggy here was last on my list. Anyways a few weeks ago we went with our neighbors to the Botanical Gardens to see their Tremendous Treehouses. They have 12 treehouses that were built by local builders and they are amazing. John Parker and M had so much fun playing on them! Each treehouse has a theme for example, one is the Wizard of Oz. I think I had as much fun as John Parker did! Jake had a good time too. It is so pretty at the Botanical Gardens! We will definitely make more trips out there! Below are some pics of John Parker and M!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What's That Smell?

Saturday evening I was in the kitchen making a dessert for dinner at our neighbor's house (yes, we have some friends. ha!) Anyways I kept smelling urine. Glenn kept telling me it was my imagination. So I finished up the dessert. Later I was getting ready in the bathroom and I smelled it again. I thought to myself "I know I'm not crazy" So I asked John Parker "why does it smell like tee tee in here?" He responded "Mommy, I tee teed on Snoop haha!" What in the world! My son peed on the dog! I asked John Parker "do you want Snoop to tee tee on you?" He said "Eww No Mommy!" I said "Well don't tee tee on him!" I bent over and sniffed Snoop and yes it was him. It had been so long it already dried. Sick I know!

For those of you who know John Parker he LOVES to tee tee outside. You may find him early in the morning taking care of business off the back porch. The other day I went to take some shirts to get monogrammed here and what does he want to do, tee tee in her yard. Yes, I let him. He had to go! After the fact, I thought she is NEVER going to want to monogram anything for me again for fear of my son peeing on her plants! She did give us the go ahead but I still can't believe I let him.

So the unthinkable happened. Snoop became victim to John Parker's great aiming skills. Ha! I'm sure Snoop will watch his back now when he goes outside!

The Victim-Snoop
The Tee Tee Offender
Still Friends!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Fling

We absolutely LOVE John Parker's school here! It is a super nice school with amazing teachers! It was one of the first things I fell in love with when we moved here. John Parker's teachers cooked me dinner when Jake was born. That was so special! And one day I called his school because Jake was having one of those days (this was prior to surgery etc) I asked if John Parker could come even though it wasn't one of his days to go. The lady at the front desk said "sure bring him on." Then she said "can I pray with you?" Wow! Right there on the phone she prayed for us and baby Jake. You don't find people like this at just any school.
Anyways, last week they had their spring fling with inflatables and sno cones. John Parker had a blast! I got in one of the inflatables to help with all the kids and man, I'm so glad I'm not a daycare teacher! I was worn out! John Parker was too! I love being able to enjoy days like these with him!