Monday, May 3, 2010

What's That Smell?

Saturday evening I was in the kitchen making a dessert for dinner at our neighbor's house (yes, we have some friends. ha!) Anyways I kept smelling urine. Glenn kept telling me it was my imagination. So I finished up the dessert. Later I was getting ready in the bathroom and I smelled it again. I thought to myself "I know I'm not crazy" So I asked John Parker "why does it smell like tee tee in here?" He responded "Mommy, I tee teed on Snoop haha!" What in the world! My son peed on the dog! I asked John Parker "do you want Snoop to tee tee on you?" He said "Eww No Mommy!" I said "Well don't tee tee on him!" I bent over and sniffed Snoop and yes it was him. It had been so long it already dried. Sick I know!

For those of you who know John Parker he LOVES to tee tee outside. You may find him early in the morning taking care of business off the back porch. The other day I went to take some shirts to get monogrammed here and what does he want to do, tee tee in her yard. Yes, I let him. He had to go! After the fact, I thought she is NEVER going to want to monogram anything for me again for fear of my son peeing on her plants! She did give us the go ahead but I still can't believe I let him.

So the unthinkable happened. Snoop became victim to John Parker's great aiming skills. Ha! I'm sure Snoop will watch his back now when he goes outside!

The Victim-Snoop
The Tee Tee Offender
Still Friends!

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