Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Parker's 1st Dentist Visit

This month has been filled with lots of firsts for John Parker! Firsts don't come by very often once they get past the baby stage so I enjoy every single moment. John Parker recently went to the dentist for the first time. He really should have gone sooner than now but moving to a new town the dentist was not top priority. I was super impressed with John Parker's dentist. They have an indoor playground(like McDonalds), video games for the older kids and every kid gets a prize when they leave. John Parker was more concerned with the prize than anything of course. He did pretty good. He did not want the hygienist to use the electrical brush to clean his teeth so this time she used a regular tooth brush. She had so much patience with him. I guess when you're in pediatric dentistry you have to have lots of patience. She said next visit we would try a little more. The dentist checked for cavities and he didn't have any. Thank goodness! I hope he gets his daddy's teeth because Mommy's are horrible (lots of cavities). John Parker picked a camera as his prize. He loves to take pictures, he gets it honestly. You'll see a picture below he took of the hygienist with my camera. I bet she didn't know I would be blogging about it. Ha! She was super sweet! John Parker did great at his 1st visit to the dentist!

Listening to the hygienist-not sure what to think

John Parker took this picture! ha!
The prize wall-pointing to his camera

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~k said...

I am SO PROUD of him!!!