Monday, June 21, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA lately! Life just gets so busy with the kids I don't have time to update! However tonight I couldn't wait to post this! I met Mandisa! Our church had Mandisa do a concert tonight for our women's ministry! It was amazing!

There is a really neat story about how she came to our church tonight. A girl, Rebecca, at our church was pregnant and a huge fan of Mandisa. Her friend emailed Mandisa on myspace and asked her to write a blessing for Rebecca's baby as a gift for her baby shower. So she wrote a long letter to Rebecca that was read at her shower. A few weeks later Mandisa had a concert at another church in Huntsville. Rebecca went she was 9 months pregnant then. Mandisa and her met and had an instant connection. Well a few weeks later, Rebecca went to the hospital because she thought she was in labor. They hooked her up to the monitors to find that her son, Andrew didn't have a heart beat. He had gone to be with the Lord.

So Rebecca's friend contacted Mandisa again and told her what happened. Mandisa recorded a cd of songs to encourage Rebecca. Then she wrote a song called "You Wouldn't Cry"(Andrew's Song) This song was written for Rebecca and sung in what Mandisa felt like Andrew would tell his mommy. Oh my goodness it's powerful! You must listen to it!

Tonight at the concert they shared this story with everyone! It was so powerful to hear a Mother who lost her child praise the Lord! And she has since been blessed with another child! Tonight was filled with lots of laughter and tears! I couldn't have asked for a better night! Mandisa has been blessed with such a gift!

She sang "all the single ladies" it was rockin in that church!