Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Highway to the Danger Zone

JPW is growing into a little man! And with that he has become interested in all kinds of crazy and DANGEROUS things! I wanted to get some pictures of him with these things then I thought I may be turned over to DHR and I didn't want to fight with JPW to get these crazy things from him. For the most part if they are "out of sight they're out of mind" Here are just a few things he is obsessed with...

the first one really isn't too dangerous compared to the others. the dryer vent on the side of the house. JPW gets so excited when the dryer is on and the vent is blowing air. every day when we pull in the driveway he asks "is the dryer on?". he also tells me every day "the dryer is soooo cute Mommy!" my boy can spot these vents from miles away. he points them out on all the other houses in the neighborhood. if I need to get him in the car I say "JP let's go look at the dryer" works like a charm everytime!

up next Scissors! he begs to use my scissors. we had to put a latch on the drawer we keep them in to keep him from getting them. i had the brilliant idea to buy the kiddie rounded scissors for him the other day and it only increased his obsession! he will sit at the kitchen table and cut paper all day long. i'm just waiting for the day when he decides to cut his hair. i'm telling him everyday that the scissors have to "take a break" and "go night night" or he will never stop cutting.

ok here's where it gets dangerous...the boy loves lighters and fire! oh my! no we don't smoke. ha! i just love to burn candles! JPW found the lighters too and decided he wanted to carry one around the kitchen. make me have a heart attack! then he tries to negotiate "mommy I put it on the table" umm....no! on the table or not my boy can't touch a lighter. we've put them in the highest place in our kitchen so he can't get to them.

and continuing along the lines of fire JPW loves candles. all kinds of candles-scented candles and birthday candles. his favorite are birthday candles. lately everytime we go in Target I'm walking out with a box of birthday candles for him. they're only $1 which is so worth my sanity while shopping in there. the last few weeks we've had several birthday parties for Snoop(our dog). G has found little ice cream cakes at Target that he loves so he'll stick a few candles in it and we'll sing happy birthday Snoop. ha! it's really cute! JPW loves blowing out Snoop's candles. I think Snoop enjoys the little parties too!

I'm hoping these things are just "little boy" things and this is all a phase(especially the fire!). Hopefully his obsessions will soon change to things a little less dangerous! We use this line alot..."Don't do that JPW or you'll have to go to the hospital." His response "Mommy I don't want to go to the hospital" and then he stops whatever he is doing. Now we've had to try to explain to him that he'll have to go to the hospital to see Mommy and baby Jake when baby Jake is ready to come out of Mommy's belly. Hopefully he won't be too scared of the hospital then! Or maybe that will be another obsession he has-going to the hospital and seeing babies :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Know You've Moved to a New Town When....

Oh the stories I have....ha! Here are just a few funnies about some recent adventures we've been on

You know you've moved to a new town when...

you leave your house 30 minutes early to get to a dr appt and you still show up 15 minutes late and the receptionist says "i'm sorry but we cancel appointments after you are 10 minutes late" and my response is to sit down and cry while the lady goes and asks the manager if they can still see JPW. Thank goodness they did see me because she would have had her hands full after we had to wait a month to get in with this doctor. Bad thing was I continued to cry as I filled out my paperwork. I know the other parents were wandering what was wrong with this enormously large pregnant lady!

your son gets invited to a birthday party for a kid in his class at school. we showed up at the party and guess what? we had no idea who the birthday kid was! ha! after an hour we finally figured it out. you just have to put yourself out there when you move. next time i'll ask his teacher who the birthday kid is the week before the party! ha!

you're watching the news and there is a funnel cloud live on the news touching down and you're wandering is it heading to your house and heck I haven't even figured out where to take cover yet. we've now made a place to take cover in the new house. and it didn't come near the house but hit near G's work-thank goodness he left early that day!

There are lots of stories I could share. Things are getting alot easier and we have some friends. Yay! It's really neat how the Lord has placed some really special people in our path! I'll save that for another post. I hope this provided you all a few laughs!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Has a Name and Bedding!

Finally our little butter bean or rather our watermelon has a name! I debated to post it on here or not but if you really want to figure out our names etc. it isn't that hard. Plus we're having another JPW so I didn't want to blog about JPW #1 and JPW #2 . ha!

Christmas shopping for G is so hard! He always knows what he's getting so I decided this year I would give him the gift of naming our child. Of course their were some stipulations. He told me if I let him pick the first name that I could pick the middle and the bedding. I was sold with the bedding! And I knew he would pick Jacob because he said Jacob since we found out we were pregnant. So his name is Jacob Price Wilson! Here are a few pictures of G opening his special Christmas gift!

And the bedding...G agreed to bedding without asking how much it was! ha! It was a big deal for G to let me do the bedding. He is really particular especially since we have boys. He doesn't like fru fru. But he lost again. I had blue and lime green with white polka dots for JPW and for Jake we're getting this....they're only babies for a little while!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where is Warehouse Mouse?

Yeah if they were only that cute! This is warehouse mouse from JPW's fav show Imagination Movers.

So we have a visitor or two in our pantry! Ahhh! I hate mice!Last week our loaf of bread had a hole through it. Someone got a nice lunch in our pantry. I went to the store and bought another loaf and guess what he found it again! Bro-in-law and sister were here over the weekend. We were up late and I heard someone moving in the pantry. I jumped up off the couch and stood by the back door so I could make a run for it. He got away. Then about 1am (bro-in-law is a late nighter) bro-in-law ran in our bedroom and said "G I've got it locked in the laundry room." So G hopped up and the search was on in laundry room. They caught him in the vacuum cleaner hose and G ran him down the road to dispose of him.

Whew glad he's was gone! But wait someone got in the grits Monday morning! Ahhhh! Pest control is called! Someone has got to get this thing or things out of here. Appt is scheduled for today during our blizzard. I prayed Dear Lord please let them come. And "Ding Dong" at 9:30 I hear the angels singing-it's the sweet pest control man who drove in the snow to get here. He said the office just called him to go home but he was already here. Thank you Lord!

So the scoop according to pest control man is mice are a problem in our new neighborhood because of construction. But this is the worse mice season they've seen up here everywhere. Oh wonderful! And it's not just winter, it's year round! Thank goodness we've set up a quarterly service with them.

We now have every trap, sticky board, and feed possible in our house to get rid of these pesky critters. Just pray I don't see one. I think it may cause me to have a heart attack or go into labor! I now have a ritual of slamming cabinets in the kitchen when I wake up! Ha! One thing the pest guy said is "you may hear them screaming when they get caught in the middle of the night!" What! Oh great! So between me slamming cabinets and beating on doors and mice screaming our house definitely won't be quiet around here until they're gone!

So thank you Huntsville for introducing me to the world of mice! One more thing that really isn't a big deal just the Lord's humor keeping me on my toes (literally)!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is Moving Like?

Hmmm. It's hard to explain! I don't think anyone could have told me what to expect or what it would be like. To be honest I've never really stopped to ever think about new people who moved to Montgomery and what they may be facing. I knew when we had visitors in Sunday School that it was probably uncomfortable for them but never thought any further about how they were adjusting in their day to day life. The holidays have helped me to adjust because I think I've been home or my sister has been here every weekend.

We've been here almost a month now. Here's a run down of the first couple of weeks. The first week was pretty aweful! I had a bad experience with an OBGYN, which I told yall that would be difficult for me, but goodness this was just quite comical. I cried leaving JPW at school probably more than when I took him to his first day to daycare when he was a baby. I've always known someone anywhere I've left him so to leave him at a place where I knew no one was really tough. On top of that on his paperwork I had to list who to contact other than parents in case of emergency, uhh well I don't know anyone! Call Montgomery! Then they moved him to a different class for 3 straight days. First day-too many new kids in that class, 2nd day-they realized his birthday didn't make the Sept 1 cutoff and 3rd day finally in the class he was supposed to be in. He did adjust wonderfully though. Next up, finding a pediatrician. Ummm....didn't like him either. Ever had someone just stare at you waiting for you to carry the conversation? Yeah that's what it was like. Reminded me of a science teacher and I just need someone I click with.

We were able to eat lunch with a pastor from a local church. He eats with visitors on a weekly basis at Longhorn Steakhouse. We actually ended up at Chili's. We ate with the pastor, associate pastor and another new couple to the area. The pastor told us he had never had lunch with visitors before they even visited the church. Well what can I say, I worked for a pastor and I want to meet the pastor before I even step in the church! We were very impressed! The other couple we ate with moved here about 6 months ago and they are so nice. Another neat coincidence everyone at lunch had a NICU baby with a chest tube just like JPW. Divine sign? The sweet girl that ate with us gave me this book. Which has been a big help! I recommend this book to anyone who has moved! They also met us that Sunday and took us to their Sunday School class and the service. It was still a little hard for me! I've been at Heritage my whole life so it's hard to let go. It's almost like a break-up. It takes time to get over it! Everyone was very friendly and they have coffee shops with hot chocolate through out the church which I loved!

The following week we headed home for Christmas! I was so glad to be home to see everyone! I have lots of pictures I'll be posting soon.

This week has been good! I saw Dr. P in Montgomery on Monday. My blood pressure was a little high and I had some protein in my urine so he was a little concerned. He told me to proceed with seeing another dr. on Tuesday in Huntsville just for a back up plan. So I showed up yesterday for that appt at 2:15 when I got there they told me to come back at 3:45. I came back at 3:45 and sat in a room until 5:30 to find out he had to leave again. I think its a divine sign that I just need to use Dr. P! ha! So they rescheduled me for this morning. I went this morning and my blood pressure was lower. I got to meet Dr. C and I really liked him. He is a really nice Christian doctor. He agreed that I should be ok to make it to Montgomery for the delivery and said I could come see him anytime if I had a complication. And if baby Jake comes unexpectedly Dr. C could deliver him here.

So things are becoming easier. I still get frustrated when my GPS takes me to a dead end street. I hate depending on that thing! I still haven't figured out where to get my hair cut, car washed, eye dr, dentist etc. But it will all work out. The few people I know have been a big help! This is definitely a learning experience! I'm so glad to have a wonderful Lord beside me along with an amazing husband and son! Please pray for us as we continue on this journey! I know the Lord has some exciting things in store for us!

"Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Here are a few pics from the move...Ozzy had ear surgery a few days before the move so he had a satelite! ha!

Glenn and the dogs headed to Hville

This is for my bunko girls!

My mom taped notes in all the boxes she packed-one of my favorites was "I know this is a God thing and I can't argue with Him."

Great sister helping unpack
Ozzy and Snoop adjusted perfectly on the couch!

JPWs first walk through at the new house

JPW in his new playroom with his new train table!