Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He Has a Name and Bedding!

Finally our little butter bean or rather our watermelon has a name! I debated to post it on here or not but if you really want to figure out our names etc. it isn't that hard. Plus we're having another JPW so I didn't want to blog about JPW #1 and JPW #2 . ha!

Christmas shopping for G is so hard! He always knows what he's getting so I decided this year I would give him the gift of naming our child. Of course their were some stipulations. He told me if I let him pick the first name that I could pick the middle and the bedding. I was sold with the bedding! And I knew he would pick Jacob because he said Jacob since we found out we were pregnant. So his name is Jacob Price Wilson! Here are a few pictures of G opening his special Christmas gift!

And the bedding...G agreed to bedding without asking how much it was! ha! It was a big deal for G to let me do the bedding. He is really particular especially since we have boys. He doesn't like fru fru. But he lost again. I had blue and lime green with white polka dots for JPW and for Jake we're getting this....they're only babies for a little while!


~k said...

Love it!!!

The Reeds said...

I love the name and the bedding! Great job!! Love and miss you!!