Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Highway to the Danger Zone

JPW is growing into a little man! And with that he has become interested in all kinds of crazy and DANGEROUS things! I wanted to get some pictures of him with these things then I thought I may be turned over to DHR and I didn't want to fight with JPW to get these crazy things from him. For the most part if they are "out of sight they're out of mind" Here are just a few things he is obsessed with...

the first one really isn't too dangerous compared to the others. the dryer vent on the side of the house. JPW gets so excited when the dryer is on and the vent is blowing air. every day when we pull in the driveway he asks "is the dryer on?". he also tells me every day "the dryer is soooo cute Mommy!" my boy can spot these vents from miles away. he points them out on all the other houses in the neighborhood. if I need to get him in the car I say "JP let's go look at the dryer" works like a charm everytime!

up next Scissors! he begs to use my scissors. we had to put a latch on the drawer we keep them in to keep him from getting them. i had the brilliant idea to buy the kiddie rounded scissors for him the other day and it only increased his obsession! he will sit at the kitchen table and cut paper all day long. i'm just waiting for the day when he decides to cut his hair. i'm telling him everyday that the scissors have to "take a break" and "go night night" or he will never stop cutting.

ok here's where it gets dangerous...the boy loves lighters and fire! oh my! no we don't smoke. ha! i just love to burn candles! JPW found the lighters too and decided he wanted to carry one around the kitchen. make me have a heart attack! then he tries to negotiate "mommy I put it on the table" umm....no! on the table or not my boy can't touch a lighter. we've put them in the highest place in our kitchen so he can't get to them.

and continuing along the lines of fire JPW loves candles. all kinds of candles-scented candles and birthday candles. his favorite are birthday candles. lately everytime we go in Target I'm walking out with a box of birthday candles for him. they're only $1 which is so worth my sanity while shopping in there. the last few weeks we've had several birthday parties for Snoop(our dog). G has found little ice cream cakes at Target that he loves so he'll stick a few candles in it and we'll sing happy birthday Snoop. ha! it's really cute! JPW loves blowing out Snoop's candles. I think Snoop enjoys the little parties too!

I'm hoping these things are just "little boy" things and this is all a phase(especially the fire!). Hopefully his obsessions will soon change to things a little less dangerous! We use this line alot..."Don't do that JPW or you'll have to go to the hospital." His response "Mommy I don't want to go to the hospital" and then he stops whatever he is doing. Now we've had to try to explain to him that he'll have to go to the hospital to see Mommy and baby Jake when baby Jake is ready to come out of Mommy's belly. Hopefully he won't be too scared of the hospital then! Or maybe that will be another obsession he has-going to the hospital and seeing babies :)


Bowman said...

awww, sweet lil pyro. what wonderous things he'll teach his brother.

~k said...

He probably Will NOT outgrow the fire thing!
Like I told April, Matt dresses like a lumberjack and is OBSESSED with building fires!