Friday, October 2, 2009


Saturday we took JPW to his first Auburn football game! We had a super busy Saturday starting with pictures that morning, followed by Tanner's 1st birthday and then the big game. JPW was so excited about the "Futbol game". We lucked up with tickets in the scholarship seats and a parking pass thanks to the Brendle family. It was a good thing because it rained during the game. Also the parking pass was much needed as "tons of fun" here can't walk to far without getting winded. ha! Another bonus to scholarship seats is FREE food and drinks. Basically it was preggo heaven! Although JPW definitely took advantage of the free food. JPW ate a hotdog, nachos, popcorn, cookie, bag of chips, rice crispie treat and lots of water and tea.

You can see in the pictures below his amazement when he first saw the football field. He was just so excited. The Eagle flew from the endzone closest to us and JPW was so happy to see that "bird" as he called it. I think during the game he spent more time looking for the "bird" than watching the game. And he loved watching the band and shaking his shaker(also hitting the man in front of us several times). We stayed until half-time because it was a night game and we had to JPW home. We had such a blast! Another fun-filled family day! I can't think of a better way to spend a Satuday than with my family!

He was napping when we first got to the game!

Daddy and JPW in their jerseys!
Ready to go in the game!
Just precious!
Right before this picture JPW said "No pictures Mommy!" ha! Got one anyways!
Holding Mommy's hand
1st time seeing the football field.
Finding our seats
Eating his hotdog and shakin his shaker!

Waiting on kickoff
Kickoff! That's a K look-eyes big and mouth opened. ha!
We told JPW to look for the "bird" so we could get a pic!
Daddy is so funny!
On the way home! War Eagle!