Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lighting Up Our World!

We've had a very busy day Saturday, starting with a cookie party, santa visit to the nicu and ending with driving around looking at christmas lights. I'll post on the other events later but I had to post our Christmas light tour first. There is a house in Eastern Forest that is AMAZING! The family has there lights sychronized to music on a radio station. The traffic in this neighborhood was crazy. We sat at this one house for an hour. The family does this to raise money for the Montgomery Family Sunshine Center for abused spouse, children and seniors. They have a donation box out in front of their house and all proceeds go to the Sunshine Center. Pretty neat concept. Below are a few videos and pics. I have another video I'm hoping to get posted of us dying laughing at Cooper. I'm having problems but hopefully I can get it up soon!

Oh and we also went to Sturbridge. Below is a picture of a house on Chadburn. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Any blow up Santa you've ever dreamed of is in this man's front yard. I'm not quite sure how the Homeowners Assoc. has allowed this but I'm glad they do because we drive by quite often for entertainment for JPW.


~k said...

LOVE the pics! I was hoping that there was an explanation for the kids hanging out of the windows! I guess it's ok if you are in PARK!
Isn't that house the coolest? We haven't gone by there yet this year, but I need to soon...need some holiday cheer!
See you SOON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
Just wanted to tell you the guy that lives in the house in Mossy Oaks, his name is Thyno( his greek). He does this own his own every year for christmas and you should see the inside of his house it is amazing. I use to date his girlfriends son.. He goes all out for christmas... Very good idea if you ask me..