Friday, April 23, 2010

Biscuits Baseball!

During our last visit to Montgomery the Montgomery Biscuits baseball was having their opening night. We thought it would be a great night to take Jake to his first Biscuits game! We also knew Cooper and John Parker would love going to the game! The boys were so excited about the baseball game! Jake was having "a moment" during the first few innings. I spent majority of the time in the women's bathroom bouncing him around while he was screaming. The bathroom was the quietest place, I know, think about all those germs. Yuk! Well I finally got him to sleep. He slept through the whole game. John Parker loved watching the baseball game! He cheered so loud for everyone. I'm sure the people in front of us enjoyed it! ha! Speaking of baseball John Parker just started t-ball. I'll be posting on that soon! It's absolutely precious!
The Choo-Choo Train was Loud!
Jake all geared up for the game!
Aunt "Bobyn" is the Best!
The Fam before the Game!
Watchin the Game!
Cooper and John Parker's 1st Biscuits Game in 2007!

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