Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jake's 1st Surgery :(

To say we've had our hands full lately is quite an understatement! Our little man, Jake, has had a tough little life so far! We had an appointment scheduled with a pediatric surgeon for Jake's two hernias. The surgeon was on spring break so we had to wait an extra week to see him. Then Jake got worse. He was screaming all day with the exception of about 20 minutes a day in 5 or 10 minute intervals. I called the pediatrician and they magically got me in sooner with the surgeon. So we went in on Wednesday. The surgeon checked him and said they were pretty severe but he would wait to do the surgery until Friday unless Jake continued to scream once we got home. Well we got home and the hernias came back out of place and the screaming continued. So Dr. G decided to do the surgery that afternoon. It was probably best this way because I didn't have time to worry about the surgery. Also it worked out really well because my wonderful sister came up Tuesday night because I was having a rough week. So she was here with me for the surgery. It's so hard having your baby operated on but especially stinks when your family can't be there with you. The Lord knew right when to send her up.

The surgery went well! His hernias were pretty bad. He has a 1 in 5 chance of needing the surgery again because they were so severe. Hopefully we won't need it again. We only had to stay one night in the hospital. It was the most peace and quiet we'd had in 5 weeks. Morphine was great on little Jake! ha! Then we got home....and the screaming started again! I'll post soon on our 2nd stay in the hospital. Stay tuned!

Before his surgery-probably the only picture I have of him not screaming :(
Napping with Mommy
Jake and Aunt Robyn before surgery
Sacked out after surgery
Your Daddy loves you soooo much!

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~k said...

BREAKS my heart! I have some/a couple pics not screaming ;)
SO GLAD you are all doing better!