Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jake's 2nd Hospital Stay

So about 5 days after Jake's hernia surgery he was still screaming! We went back and forth to the surgeon and hospital for several ultrasounds to make sure it wasn't the surgery. On Monday he had one last ultrasound and everything was normal. I was sooooo frustrated that no one could tell me what was wrong with him. After the ultrasound I decided to march over to the pediatrician's office to get some answers. I didn't have an appointment but they saw us right away. Bring a screaming baby in a waiting room and they'll get you back quickly. ha!

We met with our pediatrician who I just love! She is a young woman doctor. I've never had a woman doctor before. She is so awesome! I told her I could not deal with this screaming business anymore. He was on one of his screaming kicks and she agreed that it wasn't normal. She admitted us into the hospital that afternoon. I was so relieved!

We stayed in the hospital two nights. They ran every test possible on him. They x-rayed every part of his little body. The tests all came back normal except that he has severe acid reflux. On the third day the pediatrician decided to discharge us. She told us to go home and try Enfamil Gentlease. They didn't have any on hand in the hospital. I was in tears going home from the hospital because I didn't feel like I had an answer. They told us within 24 hours we should see a difference on the Gentlease. Well praise the Lord-we changed formula and bottles and had a brand new baby! I think the combination of formula, bottles and recovering from his surgery made a huge difference!

I can not tell you how aweful the first 6 weeks of Jake's little life were! He screamed all the time! I had people telling me "oh it's just colic" Oh how I hate the term Colic! I wander if it's just a term for "we don't know what's wrong with your baby" It also makes me wonder how many babies are going through the same thing and get blown off as colic. I'm a mommy that needs answers and I got them! Thank goodness! Thank you for all your prayers for Jake and our family! We are so relieved he's better!

Not a happy boy :(

John Parker in the bed with Jake

John Parker made only one appearance at the hospital. I wonder why? ha!

He had the best time coming to see Baby Jake!
John Parker took this-A krystal burger always makes things better!

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