Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Kid Says the Darndest Things!

JPW says some of the most hilarious things! I keep telling myself I'm going to write them down so I'll remember them. So I decided to start blogging them here. Welcome to the 1st edition of My Kid Says the Dardest Things! Please feel free to copy this to your blog and do your own edition! Even if your little one isn't making words yet-please do this. I miss those days of cooing! And if anyone can create a blog button for this I would be so appreciative! I never realized how complicated those things are to make!

JPW and I were on the way home the other day and JPW proceeded to say "I'm gonna spank you Mommy" Well I was driving, of course, and instead of correcting him I'm pulled out my camera to try and get him to repeat it. Watch the video below and Enjoy watching a two-year old threaten to spank his mommy. It was cute this time but next time I'm sure I won't be pulling my camera out first!

1 comment:

Bowman said...

ok you're right. so hard not to laugh at that! and the hatred behind his voice, too!