Monday, June 8, 2009

Amazing Concert

We took JPW to his first concert Friday night to see Casting Crowns! I don't know of a better band that we could have taken him to see. He was so excited! JPW LOVES music! It was cloudy all day and we had a few showers so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go. We got there and gave JPW his ticket. He was just walking in like he knew exactly what to do. Along with the great weather-JPW was on his BEST behavoir!

One of the most amazing things happened. When Casting Crowns was playing "Praise You in this Storm" The sun dropped down from behind these dark clouds. And shined across the whole crowd. I know that was the Lord shining down on us! The Burnham family weighed on my heart at that time. They are coming up on the anniversary of little Matthew going to heaven on June 20th. Please keep them in your prayers. When that sun shined down on us I knew he was reminding me to always praise him in all the storms we face in life. What an amazing God we serve!

Here's some pics of JPW's 1st concert and one AMAZING night!

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