Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bestest Friends in the Whole World!

Do you have that one friend that you can tell anything? A friend that will be there no matter what? A friend that will pray with you over the phone? A friend that you call when you have that really big decision to make? A friend that you just instantly clicked with? Well that friend for me is Beth! And she moved this weekend to Georgia! Boo Hoo! I'm super excited for her and Jon! And I'm so proud of them for following the Lord's will for their life! I could write pages and pages about how much they mean to me and G! The Lord brought the 4 of us together for a reason and our lives have been blessed by their incredible friendship! We had a going away party for them last week. It was so great to have all of their friends in one place. We are going to miss them sooo much! We know that these past 5 years are is just the beginning of the lifetime friendship we'll have with them! We love you Jon, Beth and Tanner!!!

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Avery Tales said...

It looks like you know my friends Gina & Tim!! What a small world this is!! Gina and I were sorority sisters in Auburn. Tell her I said HI! :)