Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Boys!!

Let me start by saying my wonderful husband got me a new camera or "real" camera as I call it. I got a Canon Rebel and LOVE it! A little too much, taking over 200 pictures at the beach is a little obsessive if you ask me but I just can't stop.

At the end of June we took a trip to the beach with both boys and Uncle Brian, Aunt Robyn and cousin Cooper. This was Jake's first trip to the beach! He did sooooo good! I will say it is a little different having two kids versus one at the beach. Glenn and I did alot of trading off kids and we hung out inside more than usual just because we didn't want Jakey to get too hot. We only got one family pic on the beach because we were hardly out there at the same time together. The beach was the prettiest I've ever seen it! I think we went a the perfect time! We didn't see one tar ball or any oil. John Parker is at such a fun age right now! He just straps on his puddle jumper and away he goes swimming in the pool! He loved digging in the sand at the beach too! Jakey loved the pool! He just kicks those cute little or big ole legs. I took a bunch of cute dresses down to the beach to wear when we went to eat. But we decided it was too much work to get everyone ready so we ordered take out every night and ate on the balcony looking at the beach. It was WONDERFUL! We stayed in our t-shirts and shorts and let the kids run around or watch a movie and we ate some yummy food! Cousin Ryan was in Destin for dance so he got to come over and visit with us one night too.

I love family vacations! I'm so blessed to have a wonderful family to go on them with!
Here are a "few" pictures from our trip!

I would LOVE to see this everyday

At the Beach!
Serious about the sand!



He loved the sand!

Sweet Nephew Cooper!

Baby Jakey!

Daddy and John Parker on the balcony
Playin with Daddies until the sun set!

Our one family pic on the beach :)

Getting a good pic of all 3 is impossible :)


Daddy was more excited than he was!

Faster, Faster!
Of course Mommy drove faster than Daddy!

Cousin Ryan!

Our one picture together! Love you!

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