Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catch Up

I'm going to attempt to catch up on this blogging thing...between broken arms, hospital stays and screaming baby I've just had my hands a little full. I was almost tempted to retire the ole blog but I don't scrap book so this is my only outlet for documenting the lives of our little miracles.

Anyways, we had a great June filled with Father's Day, tball party, and a beach trip. I used to hate Father's Day but now my hubbie gives me something to celebrate! He is such an amazing father! Our children couldn't be more blessed. He takes bubble baths with JP, plays outside, prays with them, sings songs and gives lots of hugs and kisses. Oh and a big one, he wakes up every morning and does Jake's morning feeding while I sleep :) We went to church on Father's Day and hung out at the house. It was nice to slow down. We made Glenn a photobook from Shutterfly, which has become an annual tradition and got him a gift certificate to a neat Barber shop to get his haircut(yall should see how long his hair is getting). It's so hard to buy a gift for a guy that has everything.

Up next, was John Parker's end of the season t-ball party. John Parker had a love/hate relationship with t-ball. He loved batting but hated playing in the field! Many of his games he would come to the bleachers "to take a rest". We didn't push it! He's only 3 and if he didn't feel like playing we didn't make him play. We had a pizza party and he got his first trophy! I know we'll have many more of these to come!

Happy Father's Day!

John Parker getting his t-ball trophy
So excited!

One Proud Daddy!
Little Bro!
Proud Mommy!

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