Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mommy's Not Looking!

John Parker has figured out that Mommy can't always keep her eyes on him and Jake at the same time. So while I was changing Jake, John Parker decided to have a little fun in the bath tub with his clothes on! He poured a whole bottle of shampoo in the tub. What did I do when I found John Parker in the tub in his clothes with this mess? I grabbed my camera of course! Not to mention this was about 5 minutes before we were suppossed to be walking out the door for a doctor appointment. We've been to the doctor so much the last few weeks I think they've come to expect the Wilson family to be at least 5 minutes late every appointment. Ha! I love little moments like this with John Parker, this could have been a really stressful situation trying to get out the door to the doctor but instead I decided to embrace it and take pictures. I know one day I'll wish he was around to do funny things like this!

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