Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jake's 1st Trip to Church!

While we were in Montgomery last weekend we decided to go ahead and take Jake to church. It was probably a little early to take him to church but I wanted his first trip to church to be at Heritage. I forgot what its like to drop a little one off in the nursery with bottles, directions etc. Heritage has the best nursery workers so I wasn't worried at all. He did great! They talked to him about how the Lord made the animals. I don't think he'll remember that sunday school lesson but it's neat to know they're in there learning about Jesus! John Parker was excited to have baby Jake with him. We tried to get a family picture near the sanctuary but as you can tell John Parker didn't want to participate. Ha! I'm so glad I got to take Jake to our "home church" We sure do miss it so much! Here's a few pictures from the big day!

In His Gown!

He was sound asleep when we left him
Jake with Mr. Jeff
Family Pic-John Parker would not look at the camera!

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