Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cousin Time!!!

Sister, bro-in-law and nephew came to visit last weekend! We had the best time! Cooper and John Parker just love each other so much! They are the bestest friends! We had the best weather so we spent lots of time outside.
Here's a few things that we did...

Went to the park and had a picnic!

Made Easter Egg and Easter Bunny Cookies!

Went for lots of walks and ate lunch on the back porch!
And of course spent lots of time with Baby Jake!

Such a good big brother!


~k said...

YAY! Ya'll had SO much fun!
I AM SO EXCITED to see you all this weekend! Ha, I get to see YOU tonight! YAY!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

hey lady! congrats on the new one!! he is beautiful! listen i wanted to let you know of a FANTASTIC photographer in huntsville in case you are needing one. Her name is heather bookout and you have probably hear of her already! check her out.... love you
lindsay herren nicholls