Friday, December 4, 2009

What It Feels Like to be Led

Dear Lord,
We're 6 days away from the big move! Wow, I'm feeling excited, scared, nervous, and peaceful all at one time. You know I tried really hard to resist your calling to a new city. Every reason to stay in Montgomery included a selfish desire. Why now in the middle of my pregnancy, What happens if I have another NICU baby, How will I find a new doctor(yes, i'm still struggling with this one :) ), How will I make new friends, How will I ever find a church as good as Heritage, Why are you wanting us to move when I'm comfortable? Instead I should have said wherever you lead me Lord I will go. When I surrendered my life to ministry I knew I was surrendering every goal, plan, and desire I had in life to you. Oh how it was still a tough decision to make this leap of faith. Forgive me for my selfish desires. I've prayed you would provide a way for me to do Footprints full time and thank you Lord for providing it!

So Lord, I don't know what things will look like in this new town. I may not have as many friends, it may take awhile to find a church, I may even have another NICU baby in a town where I know no one. But I know one person that will be at my side and that is you. Lord, I want nothing more than for you to receive glory through my life. I'm excited about the things you have in store for us! Thank you for this amazing opportunity to move to a new city! Take my life, lead me Lord!

What It Feels Like by FFH
This may not have be the road I would have choose for me
but it still feels right somehow
I have never felt you as close to me as I do right now
This is what it feels like to be led.

I came across this verse below the week G was offered his promotion, I know this was the Lord knocking me in the head reminding me that it's not always about me and my desires. I love when he puts scripture in the perfect place exactly when I need it.

"I don’t just do what is best for me; I do what is best for others so that many may be saved." 1 Cor. 10:33

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Carli and Chris said...

Kim- how similar can our situations be? Pregnant & moving, finding all new friends, finding a church, finding new doctors, learning a new city... just a little stressful, right?! We love you guys and know you'll be successful in Huntsville. My mom & brother are there (so I'm a bit jealous) and they LOVE it! They would never move back to Montgomery. God bless & if you need to "vent"... call me. Trust me, I will understand.