Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Thank You Jesus"

Here's the big kicker with our move to our new town-leaving the most amazing doctor ever! I had placenta previa again which was super rare. Due to the previa Dr. P told me I would HAVE to find a doctor in our new town when we move in case of an emergency. I really, seriously would commute 3 hours to see Dr. P! I know I'm maybe a little psycho over my doctor but he's more than just a doctor. He brought my miracle JPW into this world. He followed us on our NICU journey with JPW(even personally calling us to check on JPW). He is a HUGE supporter of Footprints. And most importantly he is an incredible man of God who prays with me! If anyone is going to cut me open and deliver my children they better know Jesus!

So today was my last visit with Dr. P(sniff, sniff)! JPW went with me because he has a cold and had a dr appt today too. I knew today would be hard and I'm still not convinced that it will be my last visit with Dr. P. Anyways a few incredible things happened today. The placenta has moved. So no more previa! Of course when I found that out my first question to Dr. P was does that mean I can deliver in Montgomery? He said I could but if I was his wife he would recommend me finding a doctor up there in case something happens. Ugh what a decision! We're still sorting through it. I may try a doctor up there and see what I think. I just don't know if anyone can compare.

Here's where I lost it today...Dr P said let's pray(as he does every visit). I told JPW to put his prayer hands together. I didn't ask JPW to pray or say anything. As soon as we all bowed our heads. JPW started praying "Thank you Jesus for this doctor, thank you Jesus for this doctor, thank you Jesus for this doctor" Yes I was blubbering crying at this point. Then Dr. P prayed for us. After the prayer I think Dr. P was about as moved as I was by JPW. He said "I feel really special he prayed for me not once but 3 times" So not only do I think Dr. P is pretty special apparently JPW does too! He even mentioned him again during prayers tonight before I put him to bed. Sigh....this is so hard! Please pray for me as I try to figure out which doctor to use. And if you need a doctor here call Dr. P! He is an absolute God-send! From the words of my precious son "Thank You Jesus for Dr. P!"

JPW and Dr. P!

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Bowman said...

i'm so sorry. i know it stinks. there's no one better that's for sure. what if you find a dr there, then just stay on vacation in montg the entire month of feb. they won't send you BACK to deliver. that's my advice.