Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tonsilectomy+Adnoidectomy+3rd Set of Tubes=Disaster

So we can finally breathe now....after 2 weeks of recovery from surgery. JPW is pretty much back to usual. I want to make a public service announcement and say DO NOT do this surgery on your 2 or 3 yr old! It was an absolute nightmare to put it nicely. The surgery went as planned but the recovery was like something I've never experienced. G was really opposed to the tonsilectomy but the doctor convinced him it was needed. What can I say G is usually right when it comes to JPW as much as I hate to admit it! ha!

The day we got home from surgery was great! JPW ate like 4 popcicles, 3 cups of ice cream, drank juice and we were able to get good ole Lortab in him. Day #2 the complete opposite-no ice cream, no popsicles, nothing to drink, no medicine, and no peepee in the potty or pants which = dehydration. So off to Baptist South ER-oh geez another nightmare. They put us in a room with four other people with a curtain pulled. No swine flu patients but trauma patients(I don't know what would have been worse)-two from car accidents plus one man hemroging and hollering and one old man snoring really loud. So to say JPW was freaked out is an understatement. Oh and Mommy was freaked out too. And Daddy well he was not a happy camper. We stayed and JPW received fluids and antibiotic(b/c his blood count was high)through an IV which this is gross-but blood shot everywhere when they stuck him. I thought they were going to have to admit me as I was in hysterics.

They let us go home after 4 hours so Day #2 was finally over. After that I lost count of the days. G took off work and stayed with us for 2 days thank goodness. JPW still refused his medicine-ever tried to reason with an almost 3 yr old on why he should take his medicine. Well it doesn't work! We wrestled, held down, shut his mouth, mixed it with things, we tried everything. I would have inserted it rectally if I could have. 7 days passed by so back to the doctor because he still had no relief and was bleeding. Of course our pediatrician was off that day so we got to see the very last doctor I ask for when I need an appt. He told us it was his adnoids that were bleeding so he would be ok. I requested a shot of pain medicine and guess what they don't have pain meds in their office. Nice! He told me to get him some choclate milk to coat his throat. Choclate milk? Seriously, I just paid $25 for a dr to tell me to buy choclate milk. There was no other pain med he could prescribe us that would taste better or not hurt JPW's throat. So he sent us on our way telling us JPW would turn the corner in the next few days. Ughhh.

So the saga continued...JPW woke up every hour screaming at night and could not stay with anyone other than mommy. I can tell you I felt more needed the last two weeks than I have in entire my life. Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with a 30+ pound child in your lap along with a huge preggo belly. It's quite comical!

I would have done anything for JPW that week and a half. Whatever he wanted he got. I would have woke up every 30 minutes if needed just to make him better. I'm just so thankful it's all over. We'll see if the end results were worth it. At this point I still don't think I would do it again.

And guess what JPW has now learned to say "I don't feel good Mommy...I think I need a milkshake" Of course after he's all better he learns how to tell me how he's feeling and doesn't refuse milk shakes!

Thanks for all of your prayers for us! They were definitely felt!

At home right after surgery

All better and lovin his ice cream cone!

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Bowman said...

Poor JP. And poor Mommy n Daddy. I like taking my meds rectally, btw.