Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday JPW!!!

Our baby turned 3 years old on Tuesday! Oh my goodness I can't believe he's already three! We had such a wonderful day. We had cake at JPW's school and then took him to play golf with his new golf clubs he got for his birthday. He had a blast playing golf with Daddy! And I had a blast watching! It was such a gorgeous day yesterday to be outside. Watching JPW playing golf may me realize what a big boy he's becoming!(Tears) After golf we headed out to get dinner at Texas Roadhouse. JPW didn't know what to think when they started singing to him. He loved watching the waiters and waitresses line dance. We couldn't convince him to dance with them though. Ha!

I thought for JPWs birthday I would reflect on the things JPW has taught me.

What JPW has taught his Mommy
  • You have taught me about Christ's love for us
  • You have taught me how to become a servant in the NICU
  • You have taught me that the love for a child is like no other
  • You have taught me that if that house is in shambles it's ok you won't remember how much cleaning Mommy did rather how much playing Mommy did
  • You have taught me to be selfless, I would do anything for you and Daddy
  • You have taught me to laugh at the simpliest things
  • You have taught me all the silly songs I forgot I sang when I was a child
  • You have taught me that I will never have another best buddie like you
  • You have taught me that family is the most important thing after our relationship with Christ
  • You have taught me how to love and cherish every moment with you

JPW I love you more and more each day! I hope you had the greatest birthday ever!

Coming up next the birthday party :-)

Don't ask for Mickey Mouse cake from the Cookie Company b/c it's copyrighted and this is what you'll get! Ha! That's supposed to be Mickey's Ears

He just woke up from his nap. Excuse the bed head!

Loving his cookie cake!

Trying to get the boys to take a pic together!
Mrs. Tammy and JPW! We love her!

On the golf cart ready to play!

Teeing up!

Love this pic of my boys!


Driving the cart with Daddy

Family Pic at Texas Roadhouse

JPW and Aunt Robyn. He loved the Yo Gabba Gabba microphone she bought him!

Not sure about this singing!

Opening more presents after bathtime. Of course Mommy and Daddy had to get him a few extra toys besides the golf clubs

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