Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preggo's Favorite Things

I would never dare post a belly picture of myself right now! Let's say I look like I'm due tomorrow. When I was pregnant with JPW I hated getting larger. Well think goodness this time I'm ok with getting large because it was going to happen regardless. ha! I wanted to make a note of the lovely things I enjoy to eat right now. I'm just having fun eating whatever I want. I haven't gained alot of lbs. but my stomach is gigantic! Beware this post may make you hungry!

Ahh...Applejuice-I love this before I go to bed

Lek's Pud Thai...Yummo Only Problem G doesn't like it!

This is a semi-healthy dessert only 140 calories you must try...only at Publix and Winn Dixie

Yes I frequent Chickfila in the mornings for these chicken minis
I have a small addiction to these but got in trouble at the dr. the other day b/c I was dehydrated so trying to cut back...I know you're thinking oh pregnant people can't have caffiene. umm yes I can when I don't migraines occur so it's medically necessary.

Yes you can sometimes find me here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some favs are cheese grits, hashbrowns with cheese, chicken salad and chef salad

Chick-fil-a Lemonade to go with those yummy chicken minis. See I am staying away from caffiene

I've only had Popeyes once before I got pregnant. Now more often. I just love fried chicken!

I like these as snack around 10am. ha! I don't know why.

I used to eat these year round now it's only when I'm preggo. Only 10 calories a pickle!

mmmm. Mandarin Oranges just sweet and good! I eat these at night.

I just pick these up randomly at the store when I'm in the check out line. I think they make me feel like I'm eating healthy chocolate!

Another Caffiene free drink-Cherry Limeade. Anything with cherry is so good!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is the best here!

Good ole Kabuki! Love me some Hibachi Shrimp

A cheese calzone please! Oh my goodness just divine!

If you come in my office you will smell this....popcorn. By the way, the BEST popcorn ever is sold HERE try the chocolate carmel.

And of course.....WATER! Working on getting those 64 ounces for Dr. P and Baby W.

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Bowman said...

i'm so jealous right now. although no Leek or Lex or whatever for me.(and your belly is precious and perfect.)