Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meltdowns, Manners(or lack of!) and M&Ms

So Robyn and I had a great plan Friday night after a long day at work-Let's go to Eastside Grille and sit on the patio and listen to the band. Great idea! Right? The boys will love listening to the music. Well there were a few warning signs-Cooper wanted to ride with me and JPW wanted to ride with Aunt Robyn aka My Robyn. Then once Cooper was straped in NOOOOO!! He didn't want to ride with Aunt Kim but guess what? He did. Then we said hey let's all ride together. NOOO! JPW wasn't having it. So Cooper rode on with me and JPW with His Robyn. They were not happy campers but we were not doing McDonalds again!

We get to Eastside Grille-no seats outside of course! So we proceeded to eat inside. We requested a booth. It's the safest bet to keep the boys in their seat. Well, look what they sat us beside.

Oh yes, the lovely candy dispenser! Ok so JPW didn't notice it at first, well the first 5 minutes. After the boys decided to fight over the two Thomas the trains, we took them away. Then next "My M&Ms" over and over and over. I kept telling JPW "after we eat buddy". Uh, no that wasn't good enough. JPW decided to hit me! I know yall are all thinking my kid would NEVER hit me but just wait till they turn 2! We took a little trip to the bathroom I asked "JPW what do you say?" We always make him apologize when he's in trouble-He said "Thank you Mommy" ha! Just made me laugh! So after our trip to the bathroom and back to the table. He started to scream. I mean scream! Like his head was going to start spinning at any moment. The poor people in the booth behind us! So I had enough "Robyn I'm going home" The boys hadn't even received their food. We got to the car and Robyn called "the food is here"

So attempt number 2....what was I thinking? We go back in and again "My M&Ms" I would have paid $1000 for a quarter. We didn't have one! I flagged the waitress down, "Maam can we please have a quarter" She brought us two. Yes-I tipped her big! So it turned into quite a comical night-I decided to take lots of pictures for this here little bloggy.

I failed to mention my son has an obsession with butter. He's a Butter Boy! He was dipping chips, M&Ms and his grilled cheese in it. I did not even care! At this point-whatever makes him happy. Oh and Robyn and I hadn't even ordered-we just stuck with our appetizer so we could get out of there quick! We were on borrowed time! So lesson learned-if they seem a little ill, don't attempt to take them in public.

After we got home-I watched Grey's that I had DVRed. And thought I'll take this kind of night any day before going through what that Daddy went through. So even though it was quite an ordeal-I'm so thankful to have a healthy son that I can take out in public(behaving or misbehaving)

PS-if you see us in a restaurant BEWARE-2yr old in training!

Look at all that Butter!

Watch out-head is about to spin

Here Goes Cooper under the table for his meltdown

Thank you Lord for M&Ms!

Finally he got "My M&Ms"

Chips & Butter-Great Combination!

Butter Boy!

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Collier Chronicles said...

I will call you in about a year when this starts to happen with us! I am so looking forward to the look on my husband's face when it happens.