Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We went to JPW's daycare Easter egg hunt and party on Friday. He had such a great time! Can I brag on my husband? He's always the only dad at the parties at school. This makes me so proud that he takes time away from work to come to them. I know JPW LOVES having his Daddy there.

Saturday our Sunday School Class had an Easter Egg Hunt at Deer Creek and G dressed up as the Easter Bunny. We had so much fun!! The kids really enjoyed it. Can I tell you that G put the Easter Bunny Costume on backwards so the tail of the bunny was in his lower region. Ha! Seriously we laughed and laughed at him! The zipper which is supposed to be down his back was right down the front. Look at the pics so funny! Saturday we also had our annual Easter Bunny visits at the NICUs here. I'll be blogging on that more on the FP website soon. It was amazing! A wonderful reminder of how blessed we are and a time to reflect on where we've been.

Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs for the 1st time! We almost weren't able to because Mommy didn't know it required Vinegar. But Daddy to the rescue..we had red wine vinegar that he uses for his salads and it worked like a charm. JPW loved dying the eggs. He didn't quite understand that they would break if he threw them so most of the eggs were cracked. Mommy thought they were just beautiful cracked and all!

Sunday we woke up to what the Easter Bunny left! It didn't take JPW long at all to find his basket! He tried to open every piece of candy. He was super excited about his new Thomas the Train set! I was excited to find I got an Easter basket this year too! Mommy never gets a basket and JPW and Daddy always do. So can I brag on my hubbie again! Thank You! We went to church of course! JPW did not want to part with Daddy's Bible. You'll see it in all of the pictures. I think it's a sign I need to get JPW a Bible to carry to church. He kept saying "My Bible" I had to wrestle him for literally in his Sunday School class then he threw it. To the bathroom we went to have "our little talk" Throwing Bibles? I mean really....and on Easter.....he was in BIG trouble. Church was wonderful as always! G did a great job teaching Sunday School. It's funny how we live together and he always teaches me things I never knew in SS. After church we headed to G's aunt's house. We decided this year to rotate family visits on Easter so we're not trying to hit up two families in one afternoon. We had a yummy lunch and a great visit.

Hope you all had a Wonderful Easter! God is so good!!!
"He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!" Mark 16:6

Happy Easter!
Daycare Party
JPW and Cooper
Hunting Eggs with His Friends

Found One

JPW's best friend!
The Infamous Backwards Bunny!
Family Pic with Bunny(AKA Daddy)
He did so Good!
Aunt Robyn AKA "My Robyn" as JPW calls her
Got it!
Hunting with Mommy

All the Alpha Sunday School Kids

Dying Eggs

So Happy
His Beautiful Eggs!

What the Easter Bunny Brought

LOVED his Thomas the Train!
At Church with Daddy
Walking into Church
So Excited about His Bible or rathe Daddy's Bible
Handsome Little Man
Cousins at Church
JPW and our Children's Minister Mrs. Jennifer
JPW's annual pic with Bro. David
Ashton Dickey and JPW

Family Photo At Church

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