Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friends Welcoming Baby Jake!

We were so blessed to be at home to deliver Baby Jake! We were able to have all of our family and friends there with us to celebrate such an amazing blessing! We loved having visitors at the hospital! Below are pictures of the many visitors we had at the hospital. I didn't get pictures of everyone :( You'll notice my friend Kelli took some pictures and then I took some pictures. It's obvious which ones Kelli took! She's so talented! Anyways, thank you so much to everyone who came by the welcome Baby Jake into the world! We love and miss you all dearly!

My Fav Visitor Everyday!

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~k said...

GREAT post!!!
We were so happy that you were home too! Although, we would've made the trek to the Ville to see you and Baby Jake! No doubt!
He's such a doll, can't wait to see ya'll again!