Monday, February 2, 2009

My Car Riding Complex in a Commercial

So I just saw the funniest commercial of the Super Bowl and it reminded me quite of myself riding in the car with G or for that matter riding with anyone other than when I'm driving. I have a serious serious problem and fear of car wrecks. My hands sweat when we travel and if it's a trip over 3 hours it's not even worth going. Friends have made me ride in the back seat so I won't drive them crazy! And now JPW says "whoa" in the car too so I think I've passed it on. Ha! Poor G! Too bad my lips can't fall off! Enjoy! Click Here to see the commercial! Click on the play button to the right.


Collier Chronicles said...

Matt says he doesn't need GPS because I always tell him where to go by pointing with my index finger.
I do it completely unitentionally.

Shay @ Under the Pecan Tree said...

Found you! ;) I'm glad I got to meet you and your family at the Branch's.