Monday, February 23, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Montgomery

This past week Extreme Makeover was in Montgomery! I wasn't able to volunteer but I was there for the big "Move that Bus" event! My wonderful employer was a sponsor so I was able to go today. We got there at 11am today and the "move that bus" was at 2pm. It wasn't quite as crowded as I imagined. I guess with it being a work day it kept alot of people from participating. We learned alot today about the production of the show. Like they did drive thrus with the limo and no family in it and made us all scream for the cameras so they could get several shots. They also moved that bus several times too. I was about worn out before the family even got there.
Ty also came running down the street and gave us a high five. I don't think he's quite as hot as everyone think he is. He looks old to me. But I will say my hands were shaking like I just met McDreamy from Grey's. I'm quite a dork I know. We also had a few small signs. ha! Of course I had to make one for Footprints. I doubt me or the sign got on tv but I figured might as well. I mean really do you EVER read any of those signs when you're watching the show. I don't!
Anyways, the time finally arrived for the family to arrive. And of course I screamed and screamed! You'll here me in the video below. ha! Usually I cry watching the reveal but I was too distracted with recording and taking pictures. The Jordan family was so excited! I think I would faint if that were us or any of our family. Anyways, see below for the pics and videos! It was fun fun fun!

The House

Adam and Jeremy

The Best Staff EVER

Lindsey had to love this!

Jeremy with his new friends

People Everywhere

Production guy telling us to scream and not look at the cameras


More Ty

More Ty high fiving!

Move that Bus!

Seeing their house

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Really cool post Kim! I will have to fwd you my pics with Paulie- he is the real deal!Can't wait to see the actual show!!!