Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Halloween!

JPW had a great Halloween this year! We started with Trick or Treating at his daycare Halloween morning. He was a puppy and wasn't too excited about the costume but he finally got used to it. We had so much fun at daycare except for the fact that JPW didn't realize that you can't eat every single piece of candy people give you. The whole concept of putting the candy in the bucket did not register with him. You'll see in the pics below where he had a complete meltdown in the hallway because he couldn't eat every piece of candy. He really knows how to embarass his mommy.

After school we headed to Maw Maw's house (G's mom) to trick or treat with cousins Hunter and Dylan. JPW had it made. He sat in the stroller and strolled his way down the street. He isn't good at listening to instruction so I wasn't risking him running in the road. We had a great time with Hunter and Dylan. Dylan made sure JPW knew exactly what to do when they got to the door. I can't even count how many times people said "oh what a pretty little girl" to JPW. HELLO, aren't puppies usually boys and kitties are girls? Do you think he looks like a girl? He did have the costume covering his hair and his checks were red from his eczema. I don't get it!
Even still we had a blast trick or treating with Hunter and Dylan!

On Saturday, we went to the church's trunk or treat. Another chance to get Mommy and Daddy more candy! ha! JPW came out of his costume really quick. He decided he would rather play on the inflatibles than trick or treat. Let me just say they sure don't make those inflatibles "parent friendly" JPW is at the age where he can jump in them but if there is a wall to crawl up he can't make it by himself. So Mommy jumped on in. Then I became the inflatible worker pushing all the kids up the wall. I didn't mind they had so much fun! Another lesson JPW needs to learn is how to stand in line and wait your turn. He would come out of the inflatible and head back to the front of the line. After Mommy was worn out, our friend Hunter helped by letting JPW hang out in the Safari Bus inflatible. JPW loves Mr. Hunter!

We had a great Halloween this year! Isn't JPW was the cutest puppy ever!

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Collier Chronicles said...

There is nothing girly looking about that adorable puppy!

Phewy on them!