Friday, October 17, 2008

Talladega Here We Come.......

So, I had my first Nascar experience a few weeks ago in Talladega! Wow! I will say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thank goodness for Wachovia Suite tickets! If I had to sit in the stands I might have been in trouble. The people in Talladega are quite unique! Oh and did I tell you we had pit passes too! I'm told that's a pretty big deal to Nascar fans. It was neat seeing all the tools, tires and mechanics. Yes, I said mechanics. Can you believe women were screaming to get their pictures taken with mechanics. I guess they're famous too. The suite was so nice and was the best part of the race besides the wrecks. We had breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and then another snack because the race ran late. So needless to say I ate and ate and ate! Travis and Lindsay went with us too so we were in good company! I started to doze off at one point because my belly was so full and BAMMM a wreck right in front of our suite! It was really neat! Definitely woke me up! So to sum up my first Nascar Race I would say good food, good company, and good date with my hubby! We'll see if G asks me to go next year!

Oh and I'm a Denny Hemlin fan! That's G's favorite driver and Denny's color is purple. Got to love that!

Denny's Pit(I guess that's what you call it?)

G and Me at good old Denny's Pit

G and Travis

Clean up from the wreck

So happy in the Suite!

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lamarshall said...

Kim, I just found your blog & got a little tickled what your post was on. I am a huge Nascar fan...that is soo funny. I hope you are doing well. You have a beautiful family. My husband Everett & I find out Monday what we are having. I have a blog too -

Hope you have a good weekend!! :-)