Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Fireman!!!

Yes Halloween is long past and John Parker is still wearing his costume!!! Ha!!! He is obsessed with firemen and fires. He drills us daily on what we would do if there was a fire. We have done several actual fire drills too just so he knows where to go if something horrible happened and we did have a fire. Everyday after school he comes home and wants to be "Mr. Fireman" He will not answer to John Parker. We have to call him "Mr. Fireman" If I need something done immediately I've learned the best way to get him to do it is to say "Mr. Fireman I need you to..." He responds right away! Firemen always listen to their mommies, eat all their dinner and go to bed when their parents ask. Ha! Oh and don't worry Jake isn't left out of the mix, he's Mr. Fireman's fire dog! I love this stage with John Parker or rather "Mr. Fireman"!

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